Canada is a dream destination for many aspirants and no foreign national ever wants to face deporting circumstances. It is frustrating and disheartening. There is no denying that the process for applying for a Canadian work permit or open work permit is a complicated quest and requires your utmost precision. In other languages, you need to meet all the requirements and regulations to get your application approved. Thus, it is very important for you to know the most common reasons that causes the denial of the open work permit application. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

#1 Poor Conduct Of An Interview. Not all work permits get declined because of a professional basis or lack of qualification. Sometimes, your act or directing an interview could also be the reason. These interviews are conducted just like your job interview and how well you’re dressed & how logical you sound play a crucial role. The main questions asked are:

• Tell me something about yourself?

• What do you know about the company?

• What is your occupation?

• How Long Do You Intend To Stay?

• Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

#2 Failure to Provide Appropriate Documentation. Approval of the work permit requires a long list of documentation and paperwork that needs to be done precisely. This includes:

• Bachelor Degree, Higher Degree or Equivalent Certification that Portray You Legit for the Job Position.

• A valid passport.

• Reliable proof of financial status which includes the original bank statement.

#3 If Your Job Doesn’t Require Specialized Skills.

Canadian immigration officials emphasize specialized skills or speciality occupations. If the position you are applying for doesn’t require your proficiency and can be filled with Canadian citizens, then there’s a high chance that your work permit application might get denied. However, the employer has to show that the position requires specialized skillsets and can’t be filled with an existing pool of talent in Canada. If your employer fails to provide relevant proof, your application will be denied.

#4 Lack Of Ties To Your Home Countries.

Lack of real ties can also lead to denial of your work permit application. You need to convince an interviewer that after your work visa is completed, you will go back to your home country and have enough ties to support your return to your home country.

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