My name is Amy Dhatt and I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in British Columbia, Canada. I am a member of uncountable whats app groups for new comers/immigrants/students, who are looking for immigration advise. I try my best to answer questions based on how my time permits as I am busy handling my own inquiries. I have seen this question popping out in many forums and thought I should answer this now , Should I hire an Immigration Consultant for doing my application?

Firstly, Filing an immigration application is a lengthy and time consuming process. On top of that, a lot of money, efforts, future of family members, anxiety, stress is involved. There are two ways to do it when it comes to visa filing. Either you figure out everything by yourself, there is a good chance that you will be stuck in the middle of the process and need consultant anyways or you will mess up your file.

Second option is that you get help from a professional and do it in a faster and accurate way. I am not promoting anything. I am myself a consultant and get a lot of calls everyday when i know people are just trying to figure out everything by themselves. No consultant will answer your questions or give you advise as they legally are not allowed unless they are representing you. People who will be answering you on the pages or forums are all in a same boat as you, they have same knowledge as you and most of them are doing for the first time. Choice is yours.

The best bet is to avoid unlicensed agents so verify the person who is offering services whether he/she is a RCIC( Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). You may cross check with ICCRC or online on their website or even make a phone call to ask if that RCIC is registered in good standing. The problem with people specially from outside Canada is that there are lot of scams going on in their countries and they don’t want to be the victims. Be safe, deal with a Regulated Immigration Consultant. You might need to pay the initial consultation fee, but as far as i know, most of the time it will be adjusted in your visa application by majority of RCIC’s. Not everything in this world comes free!

I want to quote an example of a DOCTOR here. There are tons of videos on you tube and study materials available to read on google, which will explain how to inject a medication in the human body. By watching that video, will you be able to administer an injection the same way as a doctor will do ? NO, Am i right? Will you perform a surgery by looking at a video and open up your mother’s kidney? NO, Am i right?

The doctor will perform an assessment, use his medical knowledge to calculate the drug dose according to the patient’s height, weight and age, determine the suitable route of injection (even if that injection can be administered subcutaneously, sublingually, orally, rectally or intramuscularly, Only a doctor can determine/evaluate the effectiveness of the medication based on his assessment), after that he will prescribe the treatment. Referring to my second example, Only a surgeon knows pre and post – operative assessment to determine, if that patient even needs a surgery.

Again, Can you buy a house without involving a realtor? Yes, with a lot of risk without knowing the intricacies of the property. No, because If the realtor is involved, he will make sure the property is fit for sale and all paperwork is properly aligned to avoid any issues later on.

Likewise, Immigration consulting is a regulated profession. You must take help when you need to. You must understand that finding information on Citizenship and Immigration Canada website is not enough. If one person filed visa for his family, it does not mean that you should do the same. His case might be simpler than yours, you don’t know 100 % details of what he did. Consulting and getting information are two different aspects. A consultant knows the intricacies of different visa’s and apply years of experience to your case in order to get a successful outcome. Getting a right consultation will save you hours of research , anxiety , stress and will save your case to become complicated. Do you agree, even if you are filing the visa by yourself ( or through unlicensed ghost consultants ) , you are never sure what you have done and live in a constant worry until the outcome? Once you file yourself and visa is refused, the case becomes complicated. Those $500 you were trying to save become thousands and so on quickly on subsequent refusals.

To sum up, I would say that a professional knows how to do their work. If you could do everything by yourself then there would be no need of doctors, nurses, carpenters, welders, consultants and other professionals. Moving to a different country is stressful and time consuming. I suggest you to hire your Immigration consultant wisely and carefully. It’s once in a lifetime investment, so do not take chances.

Good luck and I wish all the best to everyone!

Amy Dhatt

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultan

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